Subsea Investor Forum 2011 - Cancelled

Subsea Investor Forum (SIF) is a new meeting ground for subsea companies and investors to explore and discuss needs and opportunities. It is connected to the Underwater Technology Conference, a world class subsea industry event.

Published: 25 May 2011

Subsea Investor Forum 7. June 2011 has been cancelled due to few participants. We will consider putting it up at a later date, possibly in the autumn of 2011. For questions, contact

SIF offer a unique opportunity for companies to present themselves for investors, and it provides an excellent chance for investor to attain information about subsea companies looking for investors.

Six companies will present themselves at SIF. The aim of the presentation is to provide information necessary for investors to screen possible investment opportunities.  


Program 7 June:

0800 - 0830

Breakfast is served

0830 - 0900

 - Economic outlook important for O&G companies - Hallgeir Isdahl, Chief Economist Sparebanken Vest
- What an investor is looking for in a company - Jan Hjellestad, Director Corporate Finance Norne Securities

0900 - 0945

Company presentations – 7 minutes presentation, 5 minutes Q&A from 3 companies

0945 - 1015

Break, companies available for participants

1015 – 1100

Company presentations – 7 minutes presentation, 5 minutes Q&A from 3 companies  


Companies presenting at Subsea Investor Forum 2011


Biota Guard - Integrated Environmental Monitoring

  • Integrated Environmental Monitoring service to the Oil & Gas industry.
  • A unique integration of instrumented whole organisms, conventional oceanographic and other relevant sensors. The wide range of data and powerful real time analytics enables a robust holistic approach to environmental effect monitoring like never before.
  • Focus on near term sales while separate R&D projects are running in parallel. Execution of business plan requires additional capital to be used for organic growth, Alliances and partnerships.
  • Established in 2005, has 8 mill. NOK in revenue, and 3 employees.

Innovit/OPC - an IT-solution for offshore project administration, cost control and reporting

  • Simplifies logging of daily operational data from offshore operations including the creation of the Daily Progress Report, DPR.
  • Offers the onshore organization a complete set of data from the offshore operations and provides a tool for performance analysis and improvement.
  • The solution handles the challenges of unstable bandwidth on the vessels, which is why traditional project and financial systems is not used.
  • Targeted subsea contractors within ROV, diving and survey.
  • Innovit is seeking partner and/or capital for international marketing and distribution
  • Established in 2008, has 9 mill. NOK in revenue, and 10 employees.


METAS (Marine Ecosystem Technologies AS)- Subsea environmental monitoring, with emphasis on acoustics.

  • Advanced monitoring of biomass and pollution in the sea.
  • Recently awarded research project funding for leak detection of oil and gas from subsea installations using acoustic technology from the Research Council of Norway.
  • METAS is seeking financial and industrial partners to develop their concept and organization.
  • Established in 2008, has 13 mill. NOK in revenue, and 8 employees.


Mundal Subsea – Composite, building for the future

  • Low weight – High strength
  • Environment, low energy and CO2 footprints.
  • Has experienced acceptance for noise enclosure for water injection pump, delivered to Frank Mohn Flatøy AS for use at Gullfaks and Goliat.
  • A part of Mundal Group.
  • The company invites investors to join them in their further development and growth.
  • Subsidiary of Mundal Båt, established as Mundal Subsea in 2009. Expected turnover 15 mill NOK in 2011. All employees in Mundal Båt.

Winding Technology AS - Cylindrical subsea instrument housings

  • Filament winding is a fabrication technique for creating composite material structures.
  • Rated for depths ranging to 4000 meters and beyond.
  • Seeking financial and industrial partners to further develop their concept and organization.
  • Established in 2003, has 1, 2 mill NOK in revenue, and 2 employees.


Wireless Subsea ConnectorA versatile and reliable way to transfer data and power subsea.

  • The device comprises a wireless underwater connector to transfer high-speed data and electrical power between subsea instruments and their data distribution / collection points.
  • lowering operational costs
  • Organized as project, but will soon be organized as an AS.
  •  Seeking capital for prototype development, securing IPR and to establish the company. With 1,5 mill NOK the company can in six months be expected to have the first product in the ROV market, with future plans to expand to the subsea distribution market.