Cable-based Ocean Observatories

The subsea industry will be an essential supplier of products and services if the partners in COSMOS get an approval for 188 million NOK from the Research Council of Norway.

Published: 14 March 2011

NCE Subsea and the University of Bergen are in collaboration with the Norwegian Ocean Observatory Network (NOON) organizing an open workshop to present the plans of the research infrastructure Cabled Observatories for Monitoring the Ocean System (COSMOS).

Industries are invited to discuss collaboration as technology partners and suppliers. Scientific institutions wishing to use the infrastructure and/or become members of NOON are also invited to join.

A total grant of 188 million NOK has been requested from the Norwegian Research Council, of which 142 million NOK is allocated to expenses related directly to the establishment of the research infrastructure. The subsea industry will be an important provider of services.

During the sessions participants may have 3 minutes each to express interest and present the products, solutions and ideas that could contribute to the realization of COSMOS, or to present their research motivations for joining NOON and using the COSMOS infrastructure.

The aim of the workshop is to;

  • Inform about the research infrastructure COSMOS and the NOON network
  • Provide a meeting place for industry partners and researchers
  • Explore possibilities for the subsea industry as technology development partners and suppliers
  • Inform about how NCE Subsea can contribute, and funding opportunities for NCE Subsea members
  • Discuss how the availability of cabled ocean observatories opens new science perspectives

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