Student focuses on globalisation

Once again NCE Subsea receives an intern from the University of Bergen, and the main project will be to do a survey of the degree of globalisation within the cluster. For student Thomas Croucher (22) the next 16 weeks will be a different, yet exciting semester before completing his bachelor’s degree.

Published: 19 January 2011
As a part of our commitment to globalisation we are going to map out the international activity within the cluster. Once completed, we hope to have gained a better idea of the present situation, and thus be able to better organise activities that suites our members/partners needs.
A political scientist’s perspective
This is the fourth time we have an intern who is a bachelor student from the Institute of Comparative Politics. We find it exceedingly rewarding to work with students from a variety of different academic backgrounds, and the students have contributed in a very different, but productive way.
Thomas, who is from Tananger, completes his bachelor’s degree this summer. – The opportunity to work for a company as a part of the degree is a unique possibility to show what students of comparative politics can offer the subsea business, which no one else can. I am looking forward to work in such an interesting industry, and especially for NCE Subsea, says Thomas.
The internship is a 50 percent position that is undertaken alongside regular subjects. His tasks will vary between everyday tasks and a couple of larger projects, among others the survey of globalised companies. Thomas is also to update the rapport to an earlier intern, who did a survey of the economic development within the subsea industry of the Bergen region.
We wish him a warm welcome and good luck!