NCE Subsea Samba

NCE Subsea and the state of Espirito Santo in Brazil have signed a cooperation agreement. The goal is to establish Norway-Brazil Business & Innovation Centre in Vitoria.

Published: 15 December 2010
I November 2010 the General Manager of NCE Subsea, Trond Olsen, signed a cooperation agreement. It was signed during a ceremony at the Palace Anchieta, Espirito Santo’s state government building in Vitoria.
The regional government, represented by the Governor and Deputy Governor, regional industry and press were present.
The agreement provides opportunities for closer cooperation between Norwegian and Brazilian companies and R&D institutions.
The following are stated in the agreement:

Collaborate in promoting technological cooperation between enterprises of both counties, primarily small and medium enterprises - SMEs, by supporting innovative projects, in which it is allowed the participation of research institutions.

Coordinate the use of their own mechanisms for promoting and funding, in order to facilitate partnerships between Brazilian and Norwegian enterprises, in the development of new products, processes or services.
Implement actions to promote increasing competitiveness of SMEs in Norway and Brazil and their internationalization through international cooperation and technology transfer.
Collaborate in promoting the National Innovation Systems of both countries and exchange experiences in managing innovation and managing public and private resources for innovative companies in Brazil and Norway.
Fostering the oil & gas activities (Business, R&D, Training) between the Bergen Region and Great Vitoria trough the intent of establishing a Norway-Brazil Business and Innovation Center of Espírito Santo (NORBBIC-ES), with emphasis on Subsea industry value chain. 
General Manager in NCE Subsea, Trond Olsen and Head of Business Development in Espirito Santo, Felix Marcio Bezerra signed the agreement. The agreement text was designed by Vitor Azevedo Júnior, Oil and Gas Advisor for INTSOK in Brazil.
The cooperation agreement will be a part of the existing development agreement from 2005, between Bergen County Council, Municipality of Bergen and Espirito Santo.