Michelsen Centre's industry courses

Welcome to the Michelsen Centre's industry courses in multiphase flow metering and uncertainty.

Published: 18 October 2010
The courses are based on established best practice and more than three decades of R&D of advanced measurement solutions within the oil and gas industry.
The courses are composed of lectures, discussions, exercises, and demonstrations in Christian Michelsen Research’s (CMR) in-house multiphase flow facilities.
Course in Multiphase Flow Metering
  • Time and place: November 16 - 18 2010, Bergen (Norway).
  • Key words: Practical introduction to basics of multiphase measurements including presentation of three specific multiphase flow meters. Parts are based on NFOGM’s handbook in multiphase metering. NFOGM is an independent society for personell engaged in measurement of oil and gas.
Course in Uncertainty Introduction – ISO GUM
  • Time and place: November 23 - 25 2010, Bergen (Norway)
  • Key words: Practical introduction to basics of measurement uncertainty, including the ISO Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement (GUM)
Inquires and registration: information@cmr.no or visit The Michelsen Centre's website for more information and full program.
See you for three days of application-focused learning!