The savings bank SpareBank 1 SR-Bank finances sub sea education

SpareBank 1 SR-Bank has agreed to cover the basic costs for the initial year of the new sub sea education at the Bergen University College. The bank is thus a central partner in the Dutch treat needed to establish an engineering study to cope with the needs of th local industries.

Published: 11 December 2006
The donation implies that the SpareBank 1 SR-Bank covers up to two million NOK of operation costs the first year. This way, 40 students can enroll next autumn in a three-year engineering education involving running and maintenance of sub sea installations.
SpareBank 1 SR-Bank wishes to contribute to the development of the local community. To create. This investment is tangible proof that we wish to contribute to the development of industry through focusing on competence. To us, it is natural to give parts of our profit back to the local community by form of projects of strategic importance, says bank manager Eirik Maurstad in SpareBank 1 SR- Bank.
We at HiB are very happy about the support from SpareBank 1 SR-Bank. An energy injection in the planning work, smiles Dean Ole-Gunnar Søgnen.
The State Budget
The financial support is given on the terms that both municipalities in the Sotra region and the sub sea industry in the county of Hordaland take part in the Dutch treat. Cooperation is essential in order to realize the educational course by autumn. Another condition from the SpareBank 1 SR-Bank is that the subject will be a permanent offer.
The host municipality Fjell and the Bergen University College is hereby secured the necessary amount of time to get the long term financing on the state budget from the Autumn of 2008.
Meets demands
NCE Subsea coordinates the contributions from the remaining partners:
- Contributions from the industry will vary. Companies have signalled that they wish to meet different needs. Some will offer specialized teachers, or commit themselves to financing part time positions in the various subjects. AGR ASA offers free locations the first year. We also consider finding sponsors to finance training equipment, both for the course as a whole and for each student, says General Manager of NCE Subsea, Trond Olsen.
At one point the municipality of Fjell guaranteed the management costs of the first month, but now they can concentrate on their political and administrative contributions.
Education: A natural focus
The sub sea environment at Sotra is substantial. The industry wishes to make it even bigger. In that respect, it was an obvious choice to focus on education, says Nils-Petter Sivertsen, Director of FMC Kongsberg Subseas branch in Bergen, responsible for international operations. In al, the branch employs 832 persons.
The university college education will represent a further development of today's apprentice arrangement for technical service personnel at sub sea installations.
- By establishing a university college education in connection with the industries, the students will have access to an exciting sub sea environment with many technical challenges, Sivertsen promises.
English text by Trude Sletteland