Workshop Integrated Environmental Monitoring - focused on the North

Mark your calendar. On April 17 we invite you to a workshop on integrated environmental monitoring, focusing on the Norwegian Sea and the Barents Sea. The only item on the agenda is a discussion on future strategies for developing technology for monitoring marine resources and marine environment from subsea installations.

Published: 28 March 2007
Subsea installations are ideal observation posts for supervision of resources and environmental conditions. This was the background for establishing NCE Subsea?s lighthouse project Integrated Environmental Monitoring. Our ambition is to integrate technology for condition monitoring of subsea installations with initiatives and technology for surveillance of relevant environmental variables at sea.
International market potential
- The workshop marks the start of an environmental initiative for the future. Members of NCE Subsea are given a unique opportunity to participate in the development of new technological solutions with international market potential, says Tom Sørnes, head of the lighthouse project; Integrated Environmental Monitoring, and responsible for the workshop programme.
- We wish to gather crossover expertise in research, administration, petroleum industry and fishery in a joint initiative. Integrated environmental monitoring is an issue of great future importance in administrating both fishery and petroleum resources, Sørnes continues.
Tore Nepstad, Director of the Bergen Institute of Marine Research, will open the ball with a lecture titled ?Renewable and non-renewable resources in the Barents Sea ? can they be sustainably harvested simultaneously??
Einar Lystad (OLF) will subsequently present the actors? present routines for environmental monitoring, as well as future initiatives.
Three subject sessions will fill the schedule for the rest of the day. The workshop participants will first be able to decide upon relevant measurements. Then follows presentations of present and future measure systems for environmental monitoring and condition monitoring. The last session will be on data findings, communication and power supplies.
- There will be plenty time reserved for discussion the rest of the day, Sørnes underlines.
Followed closely
The project description of the lighthouse project Integrated Environmental Monitoring was enclosed with the original application for status as national centre of expertise, and helped form the basis for the Government?s decision. There are signs that foreign operators will follow the project closely.
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