Wanted - lighthouse crew

This autumn NCE Subsea will appoint crew for the two lighthouse projects "Industrial Standard" and "Condition Monitoring". Members and partners wishing to contribute to the development of new, challenging target areas subsea are invited to point out candidates of interest.

Published: 2 August 2007
In broad outline, the work will involve identifying activities and initialising processes where joint initiatives will benefit the entire subsea industry. The focus will be on sharing experience and boosting cooperation among members.
Industrial standard
The purpose of the lighthouse project Industrial Standard for subsea operations is to simplify operations. Participating businesses will have to exchange and develop best practices in each field. Identifying today's working methods and challenges and launching suggestions for technology development projects as well as work processes is essential in order to make this happen.
We will prioritize measures that contribute to reaching our paramount objective of increased oil production from subsea installations such as light well intervention and more cost effective drilling.
Condition monitoring
The umbrella "condition monitoring" will cover methods, technology and systems for condition monitoring and performance towards subsea equipment and integrated plants.
The paramount objective of this project is improving the efficiency of maintenance, environmental impact prevention and increasing exploitation of the production capacity of the installations. Integrated operations and sensor technology will be of importance for future solutions on the area.
- Each project will require five to seven persons with a motivation to contribute to strengthening technology development in the region through exchange of experience and collaboration, says Jon Oddvar Hellevang, leader of Forum for Technology and Environment in NCE Subsea.
- We are trying to put together a supplementary group of people with different backgrounds. Candidates of interest can be specialist or leaders in their departments. Operational experience is a great advantage, says Hellevang.
Resource persons participating in the projects must allow for 30 - 50 hours of work, to be invoiced at prevailing rates or paid by the hour as part of the own effort of the member company.
Corner stones
The lighthouse projects are the corner stones of NCE Subsea activities. Five such projects were decisive when the Norwegian Government accepted the application for status of national centre of expertise.
The lighthouse projects will exist for the lifetime of the centre of expertise, which is ten years. The prestudies now being carried out will decide which measures to implement in the initial phase.
Topics that might be relevant to take further, are retrofit, simple maintenance design, new applications of existing technology, integrated operations, standardisation, categories of personnel and thereby belonging demands for competence, Hellevang concludes.
Those who wish to participate in the projects, or who know people with relevant experience and knowledge, may contact Jon Oddvar Hellevang (jono@cmr.no) by August 17. Hellevang can also be reached by phone at 55574118 or by cell phone at 98848828.
English text by Trude Sletteland