SUT InDepth

SUT InDepth is a series of collaborative technology events which will address specific ocean, subsea and deep water industry issues and challenges.

Published: 31 October 2013

The aim is to bring together the best minds and expertise in a particular area of technology – both management and operational – to address the topics in a relaxed and more informal setting.

These events are highly participatory and future looking with a strictly limited number of attendees.

Attendees will be asked to come prepared to contribute their knowledge and experience to further the development of the technology being discussed.

Summit style sessions will be facilitated by senior level industry professionals and technologists who are experts in their field.

An important aspect of the event will be networking with peers both one-to-one and in small groups.

More information about Subsea Power - Beyond Current Limitations, Horsham UK, 3-5 December 2013 (new window).