Trond Olsen resigns as CEO of NCE Subsea

- I have been really fortunate to have been trusted the position as CEO of one of the most prominent subsea clusters in the world for more than seven years, Trond Olsen says. It has been the most demanding and developing professional challenge of my life.

Published: 24 September 2013

- It is with great pride I look back and see the change and development in the cluster since NCE Subsea was established in 2006. The cluster have grown, matured and have gained a global position as a world-class subsea cluster. I have enjoyed working with the cluster partners and members, affiliated organizations and our international contacts.

Outstanding results

- This is obviously a great loss for us, but we appreciate that Trond Olsen has been offered an opportunity he cannot refuse. We are very pleased with the results achieved in NCE Subsea under his leadership, says Tove Ormevik, on behalf of the Board of NCE Subsea.

- Thanks to outstanding results under Trond Olsen’s management, we are in a good position to become a part of the “Global Centres of Expertise” program recently launched by Minister of Trade and Affairs, Mr. Trond Giske, says Chair of the Board Tove Ormevik.

The search for the next CEO of NCE Subsea starts immediately. - I am sure NCE Subsea will thrive and develop further under new management, says Trond Olsen.

Trond Olsen will continue as CEO of NCE Subsea until the end of 2013. By 1. January he will take his new position in ClampOn, and by summer 2014 he will move with his family to Houston, taking the position as President of ClampOn Inc.