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– You will find some of the very best engineering students in Norway at Bergen University College. Naturally, we are eager to attract the best staff as well, says Nils-Ottar Antonsen.

Published: 19 December 2012

Antonsen is Head of the Department of Mechanical and Marine Engineering at Bergen University College. The department is now advertising seven vacant positions.

With more than 500 students at the bachelor level, the Department of Mechanical and Marine Engineering is the largest of six departments at the Faculty of Engineering at Bergen University College. The department offers five Bachelor Programs and two Master Programs.

- The department has had a significant increase in both the number of programs and the number of students. In the future, the research activities are expected to increase as well. If we manage to attract the right academic staff, very exciting research projects may emerge, Antonsen explains.

Norway’s largest Faculty of Engineering

To attract candidates, Bergen University College has advertised in newspapers and magazines throughout the country. Moreover, speed-dating will take place in Trondheim in January.

Trondheim is of particular interest because the number of candidates with a Master’s Degree or Doctorate is distinctively higher than in Bergen, according to Antonsen.

Even so, the Bergen area is the main industrial region of Norway. Bergen University College has the largest faculty of engineering in the country and is in fact the major provider of undergraduate engineers in Norway.

– It is of great importance to Bergen University College to have close relations with the industry in Western Norway, and it is also desirable that candidates have relevant work experience. Emphasis will be placed both on professional and educational qualifications, and particularly in teaching experience within higher education, Antonsen points out.

Seven vacant positions

The vacant positions as associate professors or assistant professors are within the following fields:

  • Heating, Ventilation and Refrigeration Technology
  • Thermal Machines / Energy Conversion
  • Quality Leadership / Quality Management / Lean/ Operation and Maintenance Management
  • Materials Science / Engineering
  • Marine Technology / Hydraulics and Hydrodynamics/ Stability
  • Hydraulics and Hydraulic Systems
  • CAD Drawings / Manufacturing

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