UTC Call for Abstracts 2012

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Published: 9 November 2011


UTC has a well known history of presenting highly competent speakers on current and important topics regarding the subsea industry.  This has resulted in UTC being the largest international forum and meeting ground for the subsea environment.  UTC 2012 will be the 18th Underwater Technology Conference in Bergen, and is hosted by Underwater Technology Foundation.

 More than 700 delegates and exhibitors are expected to attend the event in Bergen, Norway 13 – 14 June 2012. Delegates at UTC are executives, managers, engineers and other strategic and planning personnel related to the subsea field of the petroleum industry.

The Bergen area in Norway constitutes a world leading cluster in subsea technology, focusing on the markets for maintenance, modification and operation, as well as innovative and cutting edge technical products.

The cluster’s world leading position and the established interaction between participants formed the basis for the Norwegian government’s appointing of the cluster as a Norwegian centre of expertise for subsea technology in 2006.

Call for abstracts

You are invited to present abstract for consideration. Download UTC Call for abstracts 2012 for further information on relevant topics, submittal requirements and guidelines, and contact information.

Submittal deadline is 1. December 2011.

More information is available on www.utc.no