Opportunity to learn more about the Indian Oil & Gas sector

Innovation Norway intend to arrange a business delegation to India from Monday October 25 until Saturday October 30. Clear your schedule and make room in your calendar to join this exiting event.

Published: 28 June 2010

The business delegation will most probably include political participation from the Ministry of Trade & Industry and Ministry of Petroleum and Energy. The program is not final and they want input from potential participants to develop the draft program. A formal invitation will be distributed in Mid August.

The Oil & Gas part of the delegation could have a focus on Integrated Operations and Subsea applications (including IOR/EOR, smart and safe wells, pipelines and FPSOs, OSV, etc).
From the draft program, they have so far planned to include the following elements into the Oil & Gas part of the program:
Temporary program:
1.    We propose to leave Norway for Mumbai during Monday October 25.
2.    On Tuesday we will organise a B2B meetings in Mumbai for the participants,
       with possibilities for one-to-one meetings and/or meetings for the O&G
3.    On Wednesday morning we propose to arrange a workshop on how to do
       business in India, presented by the Norwegian companies operating in India
       focusing on Culture, CSR, IPR and negotiations).
4.    Wednesday afternoon we propose to continue with B2B meetings, followed
       by a business dinner.
5.    Thursday morning we plan for an official plenary business seminar with
       political participation, followed by a formal lunch.
6.    Thursday afternoon we propose an Oil & Gas seminar arranged by INTSOK,
       in cooperation with Innovation Norway, New Delhi, where the Indian side
       should present concrete business opportunities, and the Norwegian
       participants should
       present their products and services, followed by a formal dinner.
7.    Friday morning there might be opportunities for additional B2B meetings
       before leaving for New Delhi around lunch time.
8.    Friday evening you will be invited to join our annual Public Diplomacy event
       (omdømme-arrangement), where the whole business delegation will be
       present, together with invited Indian guests from the industry, ministries and
       public sector.
9.    Saturday is proposed for return to Norway.
Clik here for draft program
There exist a Joint Working group on Hydrocarbons between Norway and India, which had its 5th meeting on March 2 this year.  The minutes from this meeting are downloadable. They give a good overview of possible opportunities for Norwegian O&G companies in India
Innovation Norway plan to arrange seminars together with their networks in September in Norway. During these seminars they will provide you with more detailed information about the opportunities in the India Oil & Gas sector. These seminars could therefore be a good opportunity for information to companies considering joining the delegation to learn more about the Indian Oil & Gas sector.
The final program will be based on the actual participants interests and needs.
Innovation Norway hope to receive your feedback and input within August 10, and then they will develop the final program and provide you with formal invitations.
For any questions and input to the program, please contact Innovation Norway India: