Specialist subsea training course returns to Norway

An international training programme for engineers entering the subsea industry is back in Norway for a second time.

Published: 26 April 2010
The Subsea Production Systems Engineering Course – already established in Houston and Aberdeen - made its Norwegian debut in March 2009 to help counter the global shortage of skilled subsea personnel.
The programme, organised by Subsea Engineering News (SEN) and Clarion Technical Services in association with the Norwegian Centre of Expertise Subsea, will be held at the First Hotel Marin in Bergen on 15 to 18 June 2010.
SEN editor and course organiser Steve Sasanow said: - The response to the course last year encouraged us to return to Norway where subsea plays such a large part of the offshore business.
- There is a burgeoning subsea market around the world, but there are concerns that its long-term growth will be constrained by the lack of experienced, skilled people. The course has been formulated precisely to help address those concerns.
- It is aimed at providing young engineers and other personnel - primarily those transferring engineering and project management disciplines from inside the offshore industry and from other industries - with a detailed insight into our sector, and helping them refine and hone their skills.

- Training and competence building is the main long term business competitive advantage effort, ensuring companies innovative ability and future value creation, says Trond Olsen, General Manager in the Norwegian Centre of Expertise Subsea. - We welcome and cherish our cooperation with SEN and Clarion in organizing this high standard subsea engineering course in Bergen.

The course, over three-and-a-half days, covers the key features of subsea systems and their host facilities and offers an expert overview of how the varied elements of a system interface with one another. It also includes a field development exercise and facility visits.

The lead lecturer is Bill Loth, who has over 30 years experience with major operators, while there are also specialist lectures from representatives of Vetco Gray, MCS, Viper Subsea and Prospect.
Full details on the course, which has been run in Houston since 2004 and in Aberdeen since 2007, can be found at www.clarion.org.

Places on the Bergen course - at a cost of £2,000 per person, but with a 10% discount (£1,800) if your company is a member of NCE Subsea - will be limited and can be reserved by contacting Subsea Engineering News at sen@btinternet.com or +44 1242 574027 or by filling in the form that that can be found on the Clarion website.