Drifting Buoys from AADI follow oil slicks and save lives

In May 2008 AADI (Aanderaa Data Instruments AS) entered an agreement with NOFO (The Norwegian Clean Sea Association for Operating Companies) to develop a small drifting buoy that has similar drift characteristics as an oil slick on the sea surface.

Published: 3 December 2009
Information from the Drifting Buoys are transferred by AIS and displayed on the electrDuring 2009 the buoy, with a diameter of approximately 30 cm, has been tested in a number of different oil spill exercises as well as in man overboard exercises and other types of exercise.
During an oil spill exercise at the Frigg Field in the North Sea in early June 2009 the AIS Drifting Buoys were used to track remnant oil slicks that were escaping from the main spill.
In the test report you can read the following: On Thursday morning, the reconnaissance airplane returns to the Frigg Field to locate and map the leftovers from the oil recovery exercise that was conducted on Tuesday and Wednesday. After concentrating the search around the vessels it headed to the AIS Oil Drifting Buoys. The airplane has the buoys on its electronic chart and flies straight to them. The airplane reports a thin heavy oil slick (6 to 8 m²) around buoy serial no.17 and a thin oil slick (blue sheen) approximately 2NM from buoy serial no. 15, which correlates with the buoy?s calculated drift speed considering the two hour delayed deployment of buoy serial no. 15?.
Trond Gulbrandsøy
Sales Manager