Subsea Office Launch

Norske Ventiler presents their new Subsea office located in Drammen.

Published: 11 November 2009
The new Subsea Equipment Department is managed by Baard Capjon Skjelnes Prytz with 17 years of experience from Asker Subsea in product development and design of Sub Sea valves and equipment.

The aim for Norske Ventiler is to strengthen their position world-wide and keep their position as an innovative vvalve manufacturer with a high level of knowledge. The decision to approach the Sub Sea market with a dedicated Subsea business unit is a natural step forward for the organisation.

Norske Ventiler AS is well known as a high quality manufacturer of valves in challenging materials according to strict specifications (standard or tailor made specifications). They are confident that 25 years of experience in the valve market is a good foundation for the challenges in the Sub Sea market. Their existing technical staff is strengthened with additional knowledge and close cooperation with the new office.