ProAnalysis affirms its market leader position in Norway

Since the Norwegian market launch of the Argus® technology for online Oil in Water (OiW) monitoring in 2005, ProAnalysis has made numerous deliveries to its home market. The following StatoilHydro and ConocoPhillips operated platforms have online Oil in Water monitors from ProAnalysis installed: Statfjord C, Snorre B, Ekofisk 2/4 J, Eldfisk B, Veslefrikk, Gullfaks A, B and C.

Published: 29 October 2009
In 2009, ProAnalysis has affirmed its position as a market leader in Norway as StatoilHydro, through its engineering partners, has placed orders for 12 new online Oil in Water measurement points to the Snorre A, Heidrun, Gjøa and Statfjord A, B and C platforms, most of which are repeat sales indicating that previous deliveries has satisfied the customers? needs. Both single-probe and dual-probe systems ? connecting two in-line measurement points to one control unit ? has been ordered.
Oil in Water is an important parameter at most oil producing fields due to increasing water volumes and focus on efficient produced water treatment. After testing several online Oil in Water monitors available in the market at the Statfjord field, ProAnalysis? in-line probe solution was chosen as best suited to the produced water application.
Managing Director of ProAnalysis Gunnar Alfheim says: ?We have now been working with StatoilHydro for several years, and our focus has been to solve the problem with high maintenance levels and unreliable online OiW measurement data. Now, we have a technology that works in even the most challenging process environments. No doubt, the experiences with StatoilHydro over these years have contributed to this.?
ProAnalysis? Argus® technology was launched internationally in 2008, and is now gaining a reputation as one of the leading online Oil in Water monitor technologies in the industry.
Argus® is a technology for on-line Oil in Water monitoring developed by ProAnalysis, for application in water treatment process monitoring and discharge monitoring in the oil & gas industry. The technology is built on UV fluorescence - a robust and stable measurement principle. In addition, the unique in-line probe design with ultrasound-based self-cleaning facilitates low maintenance and minimum life-cycle costs.
ProAnalysis AS is a supplier of Oil in Water monitors for discharge monitoring and process management, and is located in Bergen, Norway. The company introduced its new Argus® technology to the North Sea market in 2005 and to the worldwide market in 2008.
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Photo: Statfjord C (StatoilHydro)