Seminar during Offshore Technology Days 2009

Russia; Shtokman & Yaml - How to position for these projects?

Published: 28 September 2009

INTSOK Project for Partnership between Russian and Norwegian Oil and Gas Industries - How can we help. Petter Birkeland, Senior Advisor INTSOK
Experience as a supplier to the Russian Oil & Gas Industry using the INTSOK project for partnership program. Baste Tveito - EVP Technical Department Beerenberg

The intent of the seminar is to present information and knowledge about the Russian market and entry strategies for Norwegian Oil and Gas industry for positioning towards big projects to come. Attention will especially be brought to the INTSOK Partnership between Norwegian and Russian Oil and Gas Industries. The program is open for companies aiming at building an entry strategy for Russia and/or is looking for a Russian business partner.
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