Pre-project application submitted for new Hydroacoustics and Marine Instrumentation Research Facility

NCE Subsea and the Michelsen Centre have supported a pre-project application to work out the detalis in a Norwegian research facility for hydroacoustics and marine instrumentation.

Published: 10 June 2009
The Norwegian Hydroacoustics and Marine Instrumentation Research Facility (HYMARIN) will create new and exciting possibilities for Norwegian science and industry within hydroacoustics and marine instrumentation. The proposed pre-project involves funding of up to 2 million NOK from The Research Council of Norway. It will have duration of 12 months to allow planning of technical and organisational details concerning a full-blown HYMARIN facility.
Test and measurement with hydroacoustic and marine instrumentation at an R&D level requires detailed control over wave motion, temperature, water composition, and flow conditions, as well as positioning and orientation of all instruments and targets. Acoustic and electromagnetic noise levels are also important factors. Measurements in open water cannot offer this level of precision and repeatability. HYMARIN will consist of a large water basin (ideally near 20 m in all directions or about 8 million liters), equipped with accurately positioned characterization equipment and sensors that will monitor the experimental conditions. The planned facilities will be openly available to Norwegian research institutions and industry.
University of Bergen, CodaOctopus, and Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center participate in the pre-project application as consortium partners. The pre-project initiative has also received letters of recommendation from The Michelsen Centre, NCE Subsea, and Aanderaa Data Instruments AS. The project application is directed towards the Research Council program for National Research Infrastructure. CMR will be the host institution for the project.