Very High Capacity - Oil Purifier & Flush Unit

A new, environment friendly technology for the Subsea Industry.

Published: 6 May 2009
Water enters the hydraulic umbilical lines during Work-Over and Completion operations for Subsea Wells.

Typically 20-45 litres of fluid is dumped and shipped onshore from each hydraulic control line (depending on water depth, umbilical, hydraulic couplers, etc.) to get rid of contaminated fluid after the operations. This equals 13,5 barrels of fluid, worth 260.000 NOK for a three well completion campaign. Disposal and logistics cost for fluid comes in addition.
The purifier and flush unit will reduce work and expense associated with hydraulic fluid change-out and disposal.

  • Environment friendly
  • Fluid re-use
  • Simplifies logistics
  • Very efficient
  • Saves time/resources
  • Multi functional
    Oil purifier
    Fluid analysis
    Fluid Storage
  • Automatic processes
  • Offshore spec.
  • Regulation of pump capacity
  • Air removal from fluid 
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