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Subsea Index has extended search options so that you can find better information about possible R&D partners and funding opportunities.

Published: 14 May 2014
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To help companies find the right R&D partners we have included more information about R&D institutes and universities. In the updated Subsea Index you can find information about the scientific and engineering disciplines that potential R&D partners focus on, as well as other relevant information.

For more information about the extensive R&D competence available in the NCE Subsea Cluster, read the article Betydelig FoU-kompetanse tilgjengelig (article available in Norwegian only).

Subsea Index also provides information about some of the most relevant R&D funding opportunities for the subsea industry. If you know of other relevant opportunities not mentioned, please tip us on

International Users

Subsea Index now appears in a new layout to help you find the information you need quicker. It is also adapted to smart phones and tablets.

The database has had a significant increase in number of visitors from all over the world. We have exceeded 500 visitors a month, of which the majority is international visitors.

Read more about the more than 100 Brazilian subsea companies and organizations that have registered in the bi-lingual Subsea Index New Records for Subsea Index.

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