Research Funds Available

'Regionalt Forskningsfond Vestlandet' announces call for proposals with deadline 9 April. The call specifically asks for subsea projects providing more cost and/or energy efficient solutions.

Published: 21 February 2014

The aim of the call is to strengthen innovation and development regionally. A total of 42 million Norwegian Kroner is available. The first deadline for proposal in 2014 is 9 April and the second is 15 October.

Information meetings will be held 11. March in Bergen and 17. March in Stavanger.

Read more about the call from Regionalt Forskningsfond Vestlandet (new window, available in Norwegian only).

Pre-project Funding – No Deadline

6 million kroner is available for pre-project funding, and each pre-projects can apply for a maximum of 200.000 Norwegian Kroner. The aim of a pre-project is to develop a more comprehensive project. There are no deadlines for pre-project applications, and you can expect a decision within 4-6 weeks.

We would also like to remind you that NCE Subsea have pre-project funding available, which is complementary to Regionalt Forskningsfond Vestlandet.

NCE Subsea support activities to quantify the market, to identify relevant partners and applying for externally funded main-project. Regionalt Forskningsfond Vestlandet funds feasibility studies and R&D activities prior to a main-project.

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Pre-Project Funding