Pre-OTC Press Tour to Houston

We encourage our partners and members who are present in Houston to take advantage of the Pre-OTC Press Tour taking place 24 – 28 March.

Published: 15 February 2014

The Pre-OTC Press Tour is organised by Blue-C.

For journalists, the press tour represents an opportunity to get under the skin of a dynamic industry – establishing contacts with those on the front-line of the oil and gas sector, while increasing their understanding of the very fabric of the marketplace.

For participating companies, there are a variety of compelling benefits to get on-board;

  • The press tour is an unique opportunity to build relationships with a handpicked group of professional and highly knowledgeable members of the press, from right across the globe. They will meet the people that are the mouthpiece of the oil & gas marketplace, in ‘their own backyard’.
  • It is a chance to inform the international oil & gas media about the company’s latest projects, developments and latest technological advances.
  • It provides an opportunity to be seen as an important player in the global marketplace; to position themselves as experts in their field of operations, feeding the press with relevant sector insight and the company’s response to wider industry trends.
  • Build their international profile and the subsea profile of Norway.
  • Concentrated exposure: Because editors from different publications will be in Houston (and later in Norway) at the same time, many of their stories about the company will appear at roughly the same time, creating a wave of good publicity.

Several international publications have committed themselves to the Houston Pre-OTC Press event.

The participating companies, in conjunction with Blue-C, contribute towards covering the essential expenses to enable such a major press event to take place (namely, hotel accommodation for the entire group, coach with driver throughout the programme, dinners, social gatherings, rental of seminar locations, plus the cost of organizing the entire programme and onsite management). The journalists however cover their own flights to maintain professional objectivity.

Blue-C are in contact with key bodies in Houston, and the Norwegian Consul General himself has offered to host a reception for the journalists and the companies participating in the press tour at his residence during the Pre-OTC Press Tour in March.

Contact Information

Blue C Partner & Press Relations Manager
Christina Dupré Roos
Phone: +47 936 34 449.