Competence in CNC and Robotics

A project for the development of expertise in the CNC and robotics industry in Hordaland has been awarded three million Norwegian Kroner. It is selected as one of Innovation Norway’s main projects in their efforts for competence building in regional business environments.

Published: 9 May 2014

Seven regional business environments in Norway have been awarded a total of 20 million Norwegian Kroner in a programme set out to strengthen education and to build competence in their respective regions.

One of the initiatives that have been awarded funds is the Osterfjord industry cooperation, who has been allocated three million Kroner. The Norwegian Centre of Expertise Subsea participated and contributed in the application process, along with Bergen University College.

Bergen University College, Bergen Technical School and the Resource Centre for CNC and Robotics at Osterøy high school will collaborate with regional industry to develop new courses in CNC and robotics at all levels; vocational training, at Bachelors and Masters levels and for graduates.

Responds to industry needs

This initiative will enable colleges and educational institutions to educate people according to industry needs. Collaboration shall enhance local access to professional resources and help raise the status of CNC operators.

There is a shortage of qualified personnel with technical training in the Norwegian subsea industry. The industry relies on the continuous development of expertise, innovation and entrepreneurship to maintain its position in the increasingly challenging global market.

Contact Information

Senior Subsea Innovator
Tom Eriksen