Technology Challenges for the Subsea Industry

Subsea developments are facing increasingly complex challenges. Greater depths, longer tiebacks and harsher production conditions require new solutions and new technologies. The Norwegian Centre of Expertise Subsea has made a summary of specific technology challenges for the subsea industry.

Published: 7 January 2014

In this report we have reviewed recent publications and reports looking into the future of subsea technology. Both oil and gas operators and subsea system suppliers have examined the technology gaps between state of the art technology and what will be needed in the future to meet demanding requirements to new subsea solutions.

Challenges range from better methods of exploration, drilling, completion, operation and production, to specific needs for new and improved subsea equipment and components.

In the report Subsea Technology Challenges, we have concentrated in particular on challenges for the subsea industry and new requirements to subsea systems and components.

The report is an update of the first edition of Subsea Technology Challenges published in 2012. It is based directly on published information with references.

We hope the report will be useful for companies in the development of products and services. NCE Subsea will use the report as a basis for various initiatives in the cluster, such as workshops, breakfast meetings, joint industry projects and R&D projects.

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The report ‘Subsea Technology Challenges – and overview of challenges for the subsea industry 2012 – 2020’ is available for download from our online Member Pages.

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