External Funding

Here you will find links to information about some of the most relevant programmes and sources of R&D funding for the subsea industry. Other programmes and subsidy schemes might also be relevant.

Innovation Norway

Key funding schemes through Innovation Norway – applications are accepted continuously:

 Innovation Norway also provide market and mentoring services:

The Research Council of Norway

All companies are entitled to SkatteFUNN as long as your company meets the requirements. This is the easiest support scheme of all.

The Research Council of Norway have several thematic programmes. PETROMAKS 2 and DEMO 2000 are targeting development and piloting of new petroleum technology. There are also many other programmes which are relavent for the subsea industry.

Selected programmes from The Research Council of Norway:

On the programme pages you will find further information about the programme including contact information and any active announcements.

Other Sources of Funding

Horizon 2020 is the world’s largest research collaboration with a budget of 75 billion Euro over seven years. The programme supports both R&D, innovation and demonstration projects.