how to apply


How to apply for project funding from GCE Subsea:

  • Write a brief application based on the current template.
  • Send it to
  • The management team at GCE Subsea will determine the allocation of funds based on a recommendation from the The R&DI Task Force.
  • Maximum funding per project is NOK 250,000.
  • For in-house development projects where primarily one company benefits from the development, maximum funding is NOK 100,000.
  • Project funding is normally paid in arrears in accordance with the reported activities and milestones achieved.
  • The project should be realised the same year that the funding application is sent.

Current hourly rates for companies is 1.2 thousandth of the gross annual salary, maximum NOK 1,400 per hour. The hourly rate for R&D projects is 1.6 thousandth of the gross annual salary, maximum NOK 1,600 per hour.

Financial support for projects where several companies collaborate with R&D environments are given priority. For in-house development projects we prefer to contribute professional support. The application template should also be used when applying for professional support.

The time it takes to process an application varies depending on the time of the next meeting. The RDI Task Force has about six meetings for processing of applications every year.


All project proposals are treated confidentially. The name of the project, the applicant and the sum requested will be recorded in the meeting minutes. If special confidentiality measures are needed, we ask to be notified of this when the application is submitted.

Feel free to contact us before submitting an application.