Project development Process

The figure below illustrates the project process in GCE Subsea.

Project process GCE Subsea_ENG.jpg

Our minimum requirements for the project process are:

  • project application
  • project contract
  • final report

Normally we ask that a separate project report is delivered in the GCE Subsea template. On special occasions all or parts of the project report may be kept confidential.

Application Processing

The GCE Subsea management team determines the allocation of project funding based on a recommendation from our Research, Development and Innovation (R&DI) Task Force.

Project proposals are processed confidentially by the RDI Task Force, which consists of:

  • Gisle Nondal, GCE Subsea, leads the Task Force
  • Atle Saure Lokøy, Aker Solutions
  • Geir Anton Johansen, Bergen University College
  • Bjarte Fagerås, OCTIO
  • Marie Bueie Holstad, Christian Michelsen Research
  • Karl Herman Frantzen, Statoil
  • Jon O. Hellevang, GCE Subsea, observer

If there are individuals in this group who should not read your application, or if special confidentiality measures are needed, we ask to be notified of this when the application is submitted.

Application Criteria

Project applications should be related to the subsea industry and areas that GCE Subsea supports. We evaluate all applications in relation to our current goals and strategies, and emphasise the following:

  • links between R&D and industry, including research area/-level
  • number of interested and active project partner
  • commercial potential
  • potential to achieve external funding for the following main project
  • the active partners’ own efforts in the project
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