Project Development Funding in GCE Subsea

Our partners and members can apply for funding from GCE Subsea for concrete project ideas.


Photo taken at Christian Michelsen Research

You can apply for funding for:
  • technology development projects
  • measures to promote collaboration on products and/or deliveries
  • measures to internationalise small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs)
  • development projects in collaboration with international partners
  • skills development projects

Funding from GCE Subsea should be used for preliminary work aimed at gaining external funding. These preliminary efforts may be related to:

  • revealing interest or potential
  • identifying and analysing needs
  • creating a project description including writing an application for the main project, for instance R&D projects
  • identifying the project owner and its participants
  • organising and preparing projects
Who Can Apply for Project Funding?

To receive financial support from GCE Subsea, your project must have support/interest from minimum two partners, of which:

  • at least one is an industrial company
  • at least one is a partner or member of GCE Subsea

The project may well have partners outside the cluster, or seek to establish such a collaboration.

Which Projects Does GCE Subsea Not Support?

Funding is only given at an early stage and until the project has progressed so far that it can be financed through ordinary measures. We do not provide financial support if Innovation Norway, The Research Council of Norway or others also offer subsidy schemes for which the project is eligible. GCE Subsea considers all applications in relation to potential support from public subsidy schemes.

Read more on sources for external project funding.

Professional Support from GCE Subsea

Beyond financial support, we also provide professional support. This may include aid and support to:

  • identify partners or stakeholders
  • develop a project plan for the main project
  • identify potential sources of external funding
  • connect with public subsidy schemes
  • help write application for project funding from public subsidy schemes

We also provide this type of counsel and assistance to individual companies in which the project will only serve one party.